We asked ChatGPT to compose a brief history of Rogue Amoeba in the style of a limerick. It’s not bad!

So here’s to Rogue Amoeba’s fame Their software’s still loved and the same May they continue to thrive And their users’ audio lives Forever enhance with their name.

There once was a software firm called Rogue&10;Whose audio tools were quite the prodigious&10;Audio Hijack was born&10;And quickly adorned&10;A fanbase that was quite auspicious&10;It was 2002 when they began&10;To make software for Mac, was their plan&10;With Audio Hijack in tow&10;Their success would soon grow&10;And many more apps they'd span&10;Fission, Loopback, and Airfoil too&10;Were added to the roster, it's true&10;Their audio tools&10;Were loved by the schools&10;And made many a Mac user's life new.&10;With each new app release&10;Their fans' excitement would never decrease&10;And as the years went by&10;Their software didn't die&10;But only grew with ease&10;So here's to Rogue Amoeba's fame&10;Their software's still loved and the same&10;May they continue to thrive&10;And their users' audio lives&10;Forever enhance with their name.