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Rogue Amoeba is celebrating 20 YEARS in business! Read our blog post for a look back, as well as details on a very special (and limited-time) sale: weblog.rogueamoeba.com/2022/09/1…

Next week, something big is coming to rogueamoeba.com/. We’ll be spending the weekend warming up for it.

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Looking for a good weekend read? Go behind the scenes into the process of designing Audio Hijack 4, with a great post from Rogue Amoeba’s designer Neale!


The latest version (4.0.4) of our flagship audio recorder, Audio Hijack, brings a wealth of bug fixes and improvements. Choose “Check for Updates…” from right inside the app, or grab it from our site.

Never used Audio Hijack? Check it out at rogueamoeba.com/audiohija…

SoundSource 5.5.2 is now out, with fixes and improvements for our must-have sound control utility.

Release notes: rogueamoeba.com/support/k…

Learn more and download: rogueamoeba.com/soundsour…

Using audio effects with SoundSource, to adjust audio from any app? Excellent!

In the new v5.5, check out the nicknames feature. Change the name of any effect, to make it easier to keep track of them.

Using Audio Units with SoundSource, to apply effects to any audio on your Mac? SpundSource now uses and reads standard Audio Unit presets, allowing presets to be shared across apps!

The new Shortcuts support in SoundSource 5.5 makes it possible to automate SoundSource, including all manner of audio adjustments on your Mac.

Check it out! weblog.rogueamoeba.com/2022/05/1…

SoundSource 5.5 has just arrived, with Shortcuts support and more! Our audio control utility is better than ever.

Check it out: weblog.rogueamoeba.com/2022/05/1…

Audio Hijack 4.0.3 is now out, with a plenitude of improvements of bug fixes. Select “Check for Update” from the Audio Hijack menu to see all the changes and download the latest.

Visit rogueamoeba.com/audiohija… for more.

Looking to stream any audio from your Mac to HomePod stereo pair? Thanks to some bug fixes finally made by Apple in HomePod software version 15.4, Airfoil 5.11 has you covered.


In addition to all the new functionality, Audio Hijack 4 also features an overhauled interface, with a Light Mode, as well as updated art, more humanistic curved pipelines, and much more.

Check out the “What’s New” page here: rogueamoeba.com/audiohija…

Airfoil 5.11 is out now, and it can once again stream to HomePod stereo pairs! Make sure you’ve got Apple’s latest bug fixes in HomePod software update 15.4, and you’ll be good to go.

Visit rogueamoeba.com/airfoil/ to check out our whole-home audio streamer. 🎸

Scripting is here! Audio Hijack 4 features a whole new world of automation, with workflows powered by JavaScript.

Not fluent in JavaScript? No worries! The built-in scripts and Shortcuts for MacOS 12 make automation possible for anyone.


In Audio Hijack 4, sessions no longer need to be open to capture audio. With instant control and monitoring of sessions, the new Session List & global window both provide great control as you use Audio Hijack.

Visit rogueamoeba.com for all the details.

For power users with complex setups, we’ve implemented the ability to manually connect your audio pipeline.

You can now optionally draw wires between blocks to achieve tricky pipeline setups, independent of layout. Wow!

Visit rogueamoeba.com to get Audio Hijack 4.

Today’s Audio Hijack 4 feature: Enhanced templates! We’ve added 4 new pre-configured templates for fast setups.

Existing templates have also been updated, with reconfigured pipelines and session notes containing helpful hints.

In the new Audio Hijack 4, all blocks can now save presets for easy configuration and you can pin any block for easy access to settings from anywhere.

And with custom block names, it’s easy to differentiate similar blocks in complex setups.

Visit rogueamoeba.com for more!

Let’s talk more Audio Hijack 4 features! In addition to new blocks, we’ve also updated and overhauled the two dozen existing blocks in ways both big and small, from better on-face information to new controls.