Have you heard the news? Getting started with Audio Hijack, Airfoil, and Piezo now takes just seconds, with no Admin password needed.

Check out the latest weblog.rogueamoeba.com/2024/04/0… and download the trials.

New installer-free setup for Audio Hijack, Airfoil, and Piezo

With the new installer-free setup, you get Audio Hijack recording any audio on your Mac in well under 20 seconds. It’s lightning fast - see for yourself!

Check out Audio Hijack right here: rogueamoeba.com/audiohijack/

181 floppy disks would be very, very inconvenient.

In reality, however, getting started with Audio Hijack is instead very, very easy! Learn all about the new installer-free setup: weblog.rogueamoeba.com/2024/04/0…

A rendering of an imagined floppy disk for installing Audio Hijac, labeled “Disk 1 of 181”.

It’s been decades since Apple supported installing software by cassette like this. Don’t worry about it, though. Airfoil’s new easy install is available by downloading right from our site: rogueamoeba.com/airfoil/m…

Get started streaming audio all around your house in seconds!

Mockup of an imagined Airfoil cassette installer

The box may not be real, but the easy install definitely is. On MacOS 14.4+, Piezo now installs in seconds, so you can record any audio on your Mac in a flash.

Read all about it here: weblog.rogueamoeba.com/2024/03/1…

Updates to more apps coming soon!

A rendered product box for Piezo

The 2024 Rogue Amoeba Status Report is here: weblog.rogueamoeba.com/2024/01/0…

Look back at 2023, and learn a bit about our plans for the coming year, including a massively improved first-launch experience. 2024 is going to be out of this world! 🚀

A cartoon rocket launch, with the text “2024 Status Report”

Audio Hijack is more award-winning than ever! We’re honored that Audio Hijack has been inducted into the Upgradies Hall of Fame: weblog.rogueamoeba.com/2024/01/0…

The Audio Hijack icon, wearing a medal

Since releasing our new “Transcribe” block for Audio Hijack earlier this month, we’ve had a ton of helpful feedback. Thanks!

Audio Hijack 4.3.1, just released, brings substantial improvements to transcription accuracy and more. Get it now!


Already have an audio file and want to get a transcript from it? With its ability to capture audio from any app, Audio Hijack can help there too. Play the file, capture, and transcribe!


Audio Hijack 4.3 screenshot, with text “Transcribe speech from any recorded file”

Audio Hijack is a podcaster’s best friend, and now, it’s even better. Create transcripts for your audience, to go along with the audio.



Transcribe video meetings and calls with Audio Hijack to get a searchable record.


Easily get a text transcript of spoken audio, just by talking right to your Mac. Audio Hijack can now be your own personal stenographer!

Check out the new Transcribe block: weblog.rogueamoeba.com/2023/11/0…


Turn spoken audio into text with Audio Hijack’s new “Transcribe” block!

  • No on-going charges
  • Transcribe from a mic, an app, or a file
  • Great for video meetings, podcasts, & more

Learn all about it: weblog.rogueamoeba.com/2023/11/0…


With recent updates to fix some assorted issues, we’re now ready to pronounce MacOS 14 (Sonoma) as “fully supported”. If you’ve been holding off, now’s a great time to upgrade your OS. Just make sure you have our latest versions:


This week’s updates to Airfoil, Audio Hijack, Loopback, Piezo + SoundSource bring full support for MacOS 14 (Sonoma). The new versions also include compatibility fixes for the forthcoming MacOS 14.1 (which had surprising breaking changes). Be sure to get the latest: rogueamoeba.com

To celebrate Rogue Amoeba’s 21st birthday, our man Neale created a lovely timeline visualization of our Mac app icons.

Read more here: weblog.rogueamoeba.com/2023/09/3…

21 years ago today, we shipped the very first version of Audio Hijack! To celebrate, we’ve got has a look back at our icons over the years, including a lovely timeline visualization of our Mac app icons.

Check it out right here: weblog.rogueamoeba.com/2023/09/3…

Audio Hijack icons over the years

It’s MacOS 14 (Sonoma) release day, and Rogue Amoeba’s apps are ready! Grab the latest before you update your OS: weblog.rogueamoeba.com/2023/09/1…

MacOS 14 (Sonoma) arrives on September 26, and our apps are ready! Our latest versions all have initial support for Sonoma, so update now.

More details here: weblog.rogueamoeba.com/2023/09/1…

Already running MacOS 14 (Sonoma)? Have a look at our Status page: rogueamoeba.com/status/

We’ve got updates for Airfoil, Audio Hijack, Farrago, Fission, Loopback, and Piezo ready for you! SoundSource users, more very soon.

We’ve just posted Farrago 2.0.5 and Fission 2.8.4, our first releases with initial compatibility for MacOS 14 (Sonoma)! We’ve also got Sonoma test releases for all of our apps.

If you’re running MacOS 14, see our Status page for full details: rogueamoeba.com/status/

If you’re running the MacOS 14 betas, we’ve got test releases for you!

SoundSource users, click here.

You can find us on several social media platforms, not just this one. Visit rogueamoeba.com/company/ and follow us anywhere and everywhere.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the design process for Farrago 2, with this in-depth post from our designer Neale: weblog.rogueamoeba.com/2023/06/1…

Farrago 1 and Farrago 2, side by side

Steer clear of beta OSes! We’re working hard to support MacOS 14 (Sonoma), but it will take time. Right now, you must stick with MacOS 13 (or lower) to run our software.

More: weblog.rogueamoeba.com/2023/06/0…

Image text reads “MacOS 14 Beta Not Yet Supported”, with a stop sign