If you’re an educator using music (or even just audio) in class, check out this episode of Music Ed Tech Talk:


We are delighted to once again have Audio Hijack recognized as one of the best Mac apps of the year, by Jason Snell and Myke Hurley of Upgrade!

See all the winners at upgradies.com, and listen to the podcast.

Check out Audio Hijack at rogueamoeba.com/audiohija…

Here’s something our software will never, ever ask you to do.

Our entire product line now has native support for the new M chip-based Macs (as well as Big Sur). Read more at https://weblog.rogueamoeba.com/2020/12/17/all-rogue-amoeba-apps-now-have-official-support-for-the-new-m1-macs/ and get the latest updates at rogueamoeba.com

Airfoil 5.10 is now available, and includes full support for the HomePod Mini, as well as compatibility with the new M Macs.

Stream audio all around your house: rogueamoeba.com/airfoil/

The official release of Loopback 2.2 is now out, and includes compatibility with the new M Macs.

Route audio anywhere you need it on your Mac: rogueamoeba.com/loopback/

SoundSource 5.2 is our latest app to offer compatibility with the new M Macs. Get stellar sound control for apps and devices on any Mac: rogueamoeba.com/soundsour…

Our final M Mac updates, for Airfoil and Loopback, will be here soon.

If you need to record audio from apps or devices on your new M1 Mac, you’ll be glad to see the official releases of Audio Hijack 3.8 and Piezo 1.7. Visit our Status page for all the details: rogueamoeba.com/status/

Additional updates for other apps are in progress.

The latest official releases of Farrago and Fission now have initial compatibility with the new M1 Macs.

Download from rogueamoeba.com right now, and watch for more updates soon.

We’re looking to hire a Support Tech to help our customers. Interested? Learn more here: rogueamoeba.com/company/j…

If you’re rocking a shiny new M1-based Mac, you can try out public betas of all our apps!

This post has full details: weblog.rogueamoeba.com/2020/11/2…

SoundSource users, be sure to grab the latest, SoundSource 5.1.4, which fixes a small handful of bugs. Click the “Check for Updates” button in SoundSource’s preferences window.

Not a SoundSource user? You’re missing out! Learn more at rogueamoeba.com/soundsour…

While testing is still ongoing, all of our apps are ready for MacOS 11 (Big Sur).

We’re also hard at work on updates for the brand-new M1 Macs, with more coming soon.

See our latest blog post for full details: weblog.rogueamoeba.com/2020/11/1…

As noted earlier this week, our apps are now all compatible with Big Sur. Woo!

As for the new M1-based Macs (Apple Silicon), our ACE-based apps aren’t there quite yet. We’re hard at work on updates, so watch our Status page for news: rogueamoeba.com/status/

All of Rogue Amoeba’s products now have initial compatibility with MacOS 11 (Big Sur). Learn more: rogueamoeba.com/status/

Testing and refining is ongoing, and we urge mission-critical setups to delay the OS upgrade for now. But, if you’re on Big Sur, we are too.

Social media friends, it seems possible that a few of you may wish to check out this recently updated page: rogueamoeba.com/status/

SoundSource 5.1’s new Headphone EQ effect makes it easy to improve the sound of headphones with your Mac, with the renowned AutoEq project.


(Looking for Big Sur updates? More to come very soon!)

Don’t miss the latest update to SoundSource, version 5.1!

Get the details right here: weblog.rogueamoeba.com/2020/10/2…

SoundSource 5.1 has a slew of enhancements! If you use headphones with your Mac, you’ll love the new Headphone EQ.

Learn more: weblog.rogueamoeba.com/2020/10/2…

(Big Sur updates? In-progress, with more news to come soon.)

SoundSource 5.0.4 is now out, with a slew of important bug fixes. Check out our essential sound control utility for Mac, at rogueamoeba.com/soundsour…

(Updates for MacOS 11 (Big Sur) are still in the works - stay tuned!)

We’ve got lots more in the works, including updates still in-progress for the forthcoming MacOS Big Sur. Stay tuned!

Apple’s not the only one shipping updates today. Farrago 1.5.2, the latest update to the Mac’s best soundboard app, is now available: rogueamoeba.com/farrago/

Tile rearrangement has been improved, a handful of bugs have been fixed, and we’ve even squashed a crash.

In our latest blog post, our ace designer Neale gives a detailed look at the design of SoundSource 5:


Our own @PBones stopped by the Mike Dominick Show to talk about developing for the Mac in 2020, and a good time was had by all!


If you’re a new user considering SoundSource 5, today’s the last day of our introductory pricing. Act fast to save!

Learn all about SoundSource right here: rogueamoeba.com/soundsour…